August 20, 2017


Welcome to DataSciEx, a blog for amateur data science projects.  I’m using amateur in the old sense as someone who is a part-time explorer, experimenter, or enthusiast.   Data science is a rapidly growing field with a large community of companies and individuals who are constantly building up open software libraries, investigating new uses for data science, and sharing it all on the Web.   If there’s anything lacking in all of this, I would say it is websites that specialize in small-to-medium projects that are suitable for amateurs to learn from and expand upon.

Let me introduce myself.  I am Tom Lamphier.  My age is an immutable 39.  I have a background in large mainframe systems on financial service applications.  I guess that makes me old school IT (Some would say a dinosaur.).  But on the plus side, I have an M.S. in Computer Science, and I have been working very hard the last few years to learn new technologies, such as NoSQL, Java, Python, and especially data science.

You’re probably amazed that I have the audacity to create a blog for data science.  What are my qualifications?  My answer to this important question is that I am part of the thriving data science community by virtue of my interest and participation in this field.   You don’t have to be a star to contribute to something.  Moreover, having a sense of humility about what you’re working on is very much an advantage.  I’ve heard it said that, “your ego is not your amigo.”

I hope that you will find DataSciEx a site worth following.  I welcome your comments and suggestions.